Organizational Consulting


                          Organizational Design and Structure 

                          Geese align themselves for efficient flight…and so should the organization!  We will look at the process of aligning your organization’s structure with its mission.  Then, we’ll study the relationship between tasks, workflow, responsibility and authority, and make sure that these support the business goals and strategy for your team as a whole.

                         Performance Management

                        The definition of great performance management is an engaged workforce that is fully aligned with your core business strategies.  So  how do you get there?  Performance reviews as we have known them for decades just don’t work anymore.  Employees will participate in checkpoint processes that provide timely and frequent feedback, accountability, and documentation for performance outcomes, at all levels throughout the organization.  We’ll look at the mission, vision, values and strategies within the framework of the performance management processes put in place to drive your success, and show you how closing this loop helps lead the way to fabulous employee engagement!

                       Employee Engagement and Recognition 

                       What is employee engagement?  What is recognition?  And how does one drive the other? Does it really give you your return on investment?  Are your customers happy, earnings good, employees energized?  Does everybody know the company’s goals?  With careful planning and measurement through a number of methods, we’ll examine the realities of the impact of employee engagement at your place.  You will see it’s not just a state of mind.

                         Layoffs, Mergers, & Acquisitions  

                        From due diligence to turning out the lights and letting out the cat, shutting down or bringing new partners together involves way more than a final paycheck, or a new logo on the next one.  How do you blend two cultures together?  How do you do a massive layoff, remembering that the way you treat those who leave will be watched by everyone who stays?  And what about the conflict that inevitably jumps out when one company buys their competitor?  Soooo much to do…so little time!

​                        Leadership Transitions

                        You’ve been there a long time and you’re ready to go fishing…forever!  Or maybe your company merged and you didn’t have a seat when the music stopped in the C-suite.  Or what about a sudden loss or an unexpected termination that leaves no one driving the bus.  Remember, everyone—absolutely everyone—is watching how well the baton is passed.  What do you share with investors, shareholders, and staff?  How do you prepare?  What do you do when you’re taken by surprise?  How will all this trickle down?

                       Mission, Vision, Values Development

                      Embrace.   That’s what we all must do with the mission, vision, and values of the organization.  But do you really know the purpose?  What is the part you play?  What is your piece of the pie?  Have you looked at the whole system to see that the values are reinforced so much that they are baked in to the principles of daily life?  “The” company is “your” company…so wrap yourself around it!

                       Strategic Planning Facilitation

                       Without a pilot, your strategic planning sessions can fly around and never land, much less on a target.  Facilitation is a skill and the most effective planning sessions follow a path led by a skilled facilitator to identify exactly what your priorities are, what direction you want to take, and who owns it, when you want to see the results all working toward common organizational goals.  In the end, you will see the fundamental actions that shape and guide what your organization is, who your organization serves, what it does, and why it does it, with a clear focus on your future success.



                        We’ve all been there.  It’s the first day on the job and you have a ton of paperwork to complete, learn where the bathrooms are, and when you have a break.  So that’s supposed to make your employees productive??  Really??  Onboarding is a process over time.  It’s about the culture, the environment, the values, the team, the coworkers…you name it.  Recognizing that our organizations cover a span of multigenerations, we have to understand that one size does not fit all, so how do you make your onboarding process unique in this new employee experience?  Onboarding begins before the first day of work…and goes on forever!

                         Start-Up HR

                         So you’ve finally crossed that line.  Your organization has grown to a point of needing an HR group.  You will probably start with just an administrator to ensure that your team is fed and watered…that they get a paycheck and insurance.  But what about all the compliance issues out there like the I-9’s, worker’s compensation, employee files? The list goes on and on and on!  And before you know it, you’re expanding again, and you need a strategist, someone who can help with diversity and inclusion, organizational development, recognition and performance, workplace learning?  And that list goes on and on and on, as well!  Where in the world do you start? What systems are available to you to use your resources wisely?  How will you keep the costs down?  And most important, how will you ensure that HR understands the business?