The Case of the Missing Cutlery

   Kevin Allen

The CEO Within

   Joseph L. Bower

The Power of Habit

   Charles Duhigg


   Chip Conley

Steve Jobs

   Walter Isaacson

In the Company of Women

   Pat Hein and Susan Murphy

You, Inc.

   Harry Beckwith and Christine

   Clifford Beckwith

HR Transformation

   Dave Ulrich, Justin Allen, Wayne Borckbank,

   John Younger, and Mark Nyman

Generation iY

   Tim Elmore

Reading List


Some of our favorite business books are listed below.  If you have some you’d like to see on this list, please send the titles and authors to 


ps…We haven’t read ‘em all…just most of ‘em!

Loyalty Unplugged

   Adwoa Buahene and

   Giselle Kovary

The Value of Core Values

   Lisa Huetteman

The Big Book of HR

   Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem ~ 

The Personal MBA -

Master the Art of Business

   Josh Kaufman

When Core Values

Are Strategic

   Rick Tocquigny

We Are Generation Z

   Vivek Pandit

Start With Why

   Simon Sinek

The Power Formula for

LinkedIn Success

   Wayne Breitbarth

Break Your Own Rules

   Jill Flynn, Kathryn Heath and

   Mary Davis Holt

Made to Stick

Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

   Bruce Tulgan

Deep Work 

     Cal Newport

Managing the Millennials

   Chip Espinoza, Mick Uklega,

   & Craig Rusch

Switch:  How to Change Things

When Change Is Hard 

   Chip Heath and Dan Heath