Workshops & Seminars

​                  Mommy, Where’s the Call Button?

                    Whoa!  Young kids of today seem to know a whole lot more about navigating their cell phones and tablets and laptops than so many of the rest of us!  And they didn’t even go to class for it.  Self-taught, you say?  Why not?  Generation Z is the first generation to be raised by parents who were raised on technology, so it seems only right that they know so much, right? So who are these “Digitals?”  What makes them click?  How do they compare to their cohorts of Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y?  And how in the world do you manage all these different groups in the workplace?

                  Presentation…Power & Punch!

                     You are not alone!  Millions of people give presentations every year!  But do yours have the power to get your point across, or the punch to make it stick?  Your presentation—a conversation with an objective—is your one chance to capture your audience, to gain and keep their attention, and to have them leave knowing exactly what you were just talking about!  This workshop gives you the knowledge, tools and techniques to determine what to say, when to say it, and how to say it well, in person or from afar via a webinar, etc.  One fun thing to do before you join us?  Pick a topic, then present on a selfie video.  After the workshop, do it all again.  You won’t believe the difference!

​                       Even Geese Align During Flight

                     So how do we get there from here?  Have you ever looked at your company vision and mission and wondered who’s on first and what comes next?  Getting everyone in your company or division or department to walk in lockstep in one direction—to soar like geese during flight—all toward the same result isn’t the easiest thing you’ve ever done, is it?  How does your team, large or small, know what they are supposed to do, and by when?  And how will they know when they’ve done it, let alone how well they did it?  When you finish this workshop, it will be ever-so-clear just how you got there from here!

​                    Millennial Who?

                    Everybody’s talking about ‘em!  So who are they?  Generation Y (those individuals born between 1978 and 1990) are arguably the most high- maintenance workforce in history, right?  But…could they be the most high-performing, as well?  We will look at Gen Y from every aspect:  getting them up to speed quickly and turning them in to knowledge workers, managing the helicopter parents, and helping them to understand the context of where they fit in the larger picture.  Millennials have a strong need and desire to create life and work that have meaning.  Not a darn thing wrong with that!

                       Telling It Like It Is…aka, The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

                       Nobody, but nobody, likes to give bad news.  Some people are uncomfortable even singing praises!  By following simple steps, and by making it a point to give your thoughts all along the way, delivering feedback is just like telling a story.  And no one should feel uncomfortable, because nothing is a surprise, right?  We’ll make it clear how to set goals together, check progress, state desired changes, and communicate consequences on either reaching your goals…or not.  If things don’t work out, we’ll give you guidance on finding them a new place to sit within the organization or on setting up a get well plan, the “Hail Mary” of performance management.  The point is to let us all come out winners!

                         The Write Stuff

                         In business, your ideas are only as good as your ability to express them!  Nothing adds more credibility than clear and correct communication.  This workshop will give you must-know guidelines for mistake-free communication.  No diagramming sentences.  No conjugating verbs.  This workshop is a “Think simple” approach toward one goal:  How to get your point across in writing so you get the results you want.  What are some of the most commonly confused words?  Can you identify frequently misused grammatical mistakes?   Do you ever identify punctuation and capitalization errors that take away from the point the writer is trying to make?  What are the simple guidelines to writing an email that ensures the email is actually read?  And let’s not forget about texting and when it’s okay to break the rules!

                          Taking the Lead

​                          So you’ve been promoted…and you don’t know a thing about leading people.  Join the club!  Happens all the time!  Jumping in feet first into the world of management, this multi-session workshop “gives you the basics.”  We will cover managing performance and writing SMART goals, delivering feedback, resolving conflicts and issues, delegating, recognition and reward, interviewing, legal aspects, and coaching.  How do you manage those who used to work with you side-by-side?  Not to mention, how do you manage millennials?  You won’t get the keys to the kingdom, but you will have a general understanding of the basic responsibilities of your new job.  Congrats!  Now go for it!







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