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Workshops For HR Professionals


                         What Is HR, Anyway?

                         Do you see yourself as more of a business person who specializes in HR, or an HR person who advises a business?  Think about it.  Your answer will determine if you earn a seat at the table.  Can you articulate the purpose of your organization?  Do you ensure that all you do in HR is connected to the purpose of the company and that the employees have a clear understanding of their connection to the company’s success?  Does your Employee Value Proposition you use in recruiting talent reflect the culture and are your current employees living the EVP?  Are you measuring how many managers you trained, how long it took to fill a position, and how many people were employed on XYZ date?  OR…are you measuring how you and your team contributed to the bottom line?  It’s a whole new ball game in HR.  Take the giant leap.